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Centre for Vernacular Architecture Trust

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Vernacular Architecture is a little known and less explored field that is concerned with holistic architectural building traditions/practices that are cost effective, ecologically sensible and culturally relevant.

Building on the work of practitioners like Laurie Baker and Hassan Fathy, our architectural practice, initiated by the late R.L. Kumar, revolves around promoting the use of locally available materials, traditional building techniques, culturally and climatically relevant building design and building a vibrant community of crafts persons.

Attempting to take forward his legacy, the CVA Trust also hopes to deepen the pedagogy around those vernacular values Kumar expressed in his writings and readings through creating diverse learning and training spaces.


portrait of RL Kumar by Bhima Rao Murgod

CVA Trust Founder
R.L Kumar


Following Kumar's passing,
we had started a Tributes Page
to acknowledge the tributes and messages of support that poured in from all those who knew him or had heard of him. We keep this page open inviting you to continue sharing your memories of Kumar
and also your thoughts on how
we could take his ideas and
CVA Trust forward.

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