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Vernacular Values

Threading cross-section journeys into the other paradigm in architecture while examining the values and underlying commonsense of the vernacular in shaping our built environment.

In this film the philosopher in R L Kumar, a trained accountant reflects on his attempts to build houses differently with a passion for the earth and the people he is working with. This exploration has made Kumar an architect, builder, comrade to his workers and philosopher to some of his NGO friends and chief haranguer to others.

a film by John D'Souza, Centre for Education and Documentation, Mumbai


Reviving ancient Indian style of construction

Time traveling may not be a possibility yet, but an architecture firm in Bangalore is attempting to build structures that look like they are from the pages of a history book. The IT city is now warming up to vernacular architecture.

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Times Now TV channel

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Centre for Vernacular Architecture Trust

33-1 Thyagaraja Layout,
Banaswadi Road,
M.S. Nagar Post,
Bangalore - 560 033.


Contact Person:

Khalid Rehman Principal Architect
Mobile : +91 9342582624

Madhu Bhushan, Executive Trustee, Bengaluru – +91 94484 87101


in Chennai:

Contact Person:

Goutam Seetharaman Principal Architect
113, Karpagam Avenue, 1st floor, 4th Street,
R.A. Puram, Chennai - 600028.
Mobile : +91 8940530300



portrait of RL Kumar by Bhima Rao Murgod

CVA Trust Founder
R.L Kumar


Following Kumar's passing,
we had started a Tributes Page
to acknowledge the tributes and messages of support that poured in from all those who knew him or had heard of him. We keep this page open inviting you to continue sharing your memories of Kumar
and also your thoughts on how
we could take his ideas and
CVA Trust forward.

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